Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hyperfast NI?

Hyperfast NI is a brand owned by Fibrus that is wholly focused on promoting information on the delivery of Project Stratum as an open access wholesale network.

What is Project Stratum?

Project Stratum aims to improve broadband connectivity by extending Next Generation Access (NGA) broadband infrastructure to approximately 76,000 premises across Northern Ireland that cannot yet access NGA broadband services. The project is built around a partnership between Northern Ireland Department for the Economy (DfE) and Fibrus Networks Limited.

The project is financed as a public sector gap funding initiative, with funds from the Department for the Economy; £150m has been allocated to the project as a result of the Confidence and Supply Agreement, along with additional funding of £15m secured through the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA).

This brings the total amount of available funding for Project Stratum to £165m to help deliver substantial enhancements to Internet connectivity across Northern Ireland. Broadband coverage across the intervention area may also be extended through industry investment to ensure that as many premises are served as possible.

Where do I get more information?

This website is regularly updated so please check back here.

If you want to be kept informed about the rollout programme and when Hyperfast (full-fibre) access will be available in your area, please leave your details via the contact link.

Who are Fibrus?

Fibrus is an exciting telecommunications provider seeking to transform the digital infrastructure of rural and regional Northern Ireland by investing in excess of £100m to bring full fibre broadband to homes and businesses across Northern Ireland.

Fibrus is owned by Infracapital, a leading infrastructure investor, who have a strong track-record in delivering, owning and managing investments in full fibre broadband projects.

Infracapital provide Fibrus with world class backing and management which has allowed Fibrus to put in place a team that is simply second to none. The Fibrus Stratum project team hold over 100 years’ experience of building digital infrastructure and has connected in excess of two million homes and businesses.

Fibrus was selected by the Northern Ireland Executive to deliver Project Stratum, which will see £350 million invested to bring full fibre broadband to premises across regional parts of Northern Ireland.

What is Hyperfast broadband?

Hyperfast (full-fibre) broadband is the new generation of broadband.

Hyperfast broadband means fibre-optic cables run all the way to the home or business. It provides speeds of up to 1GB and it can often be referred to as Fibre to the Premise (FTTP).

Services provided via Retail Service Providers will enhance your current internet experience by enabling access to a wide range of applications, including:

  • Video on Demand
  • Social Media
  • Unrivalled Gaming
  • Remote Working
  • HD Video Calling
  • Virtual Storage

When can I get Hyperfast broadband?

The Stratum project commenced building the Hyperfast (full-fibre) access network during November 2020 and is planned to complete build by 2024.

More detailed information on locations to be covered, premises passed, and timing of the build will be provided on this website via regular updates.

How does the programme plan its rollout- why can’t you tell me if I am going to get fibre based broadband now?

The Fibrus/Stratum Team have an established roll out plan for Project Stratum. Whilst the plan may be subject to change, we feel that it is important to provide our best view of ‘where and when’ as early as possible. Changes are likely to occur – it is simply not possible with a programme of this nature, spread over an area as large as Northern Ireland, to plan in detail every area at the same time. As a result some areas will be planned and then enabled before others. The Stratum team fully appreciates the significant benefits hyperfast broadband will bring and therefore understands the frustration in waiting. The team will endeavor to keep you informed as plans evolve and the maps on the website will be regularly updated.

When fibre broadband is available in my area, will my broadband simply get faster without me taking any action?

To get fibre broadband, you will need to place an order with an Retail Service Provider (RSP). This is because fibre broadband uses a different technology to your current broadband and an engineer will need to visit your premises to install the necessary equipment.

Links to ISPs offering fibre broadband can be found on this website (Retail Service Provider) so you can shop around and choose the best deal to meet your requirements.

What does Hyperfast broadband cost?

To obtain Hyperfast broadband you will need to sign up with an Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you already have broadband you will have an existing contract with an ISP.

ISP’s providing full fibre broadband services can be found under the RSP section of this website. The prices are set by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and the packages offered may vary so you should choose the best deal to suit your requirements.

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