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2,000 Properties Connectable in rural Moy!

More than 2,000 homes and businesses in the Moy area are to become connectable to gigabit capable broadband services through Hyperfast NI’s network build, delivered by Fibrus, under Project Stratum.

As Northern Ireland’s fastest growing telecoms provider, Fibrus is committed to improving connectivity in rural and regional communities. Having already extended its network to over 250,000 premises in Northern Ireland and the north of England, this milestone brings the company closer to its goal of connecting one million homes and businesses.

Highlighting the significance of the development in the Moy, Colin Hutchinson, Chief Financial Officer at Fibrus, said:

“Fibrus aims to enhance the lives of residents in areas like Moy, who have long experienced limited connectivity options. The digital demands that people now have have underscored the importance of a reliable online connection, especially for those in what have traditionally been digitally underserved areas.

“Access to dependable, high-speed broadband is now as essential as electricity and heating for modern homes and businesses. The introduction of Full Fibre broadband in rural areas and being able to connect right to the premises will revolutionise the way families and businesses go about their daily activities.”

Fibrus has teamed up with eero, an Amazon company, to guarantee Wi-Fi in every room of the house and further improve the service it offers customers.

“Our new relationship with eero and Amazon came about because we’re always looking for ways to bring our customers the latest technology at affordable prices. Coupling our extensive Full Fibre roll out – which has now reached the Moy – and this relationship will help enhance the broadband experience for our customers around their homes, whether they’re working, learning or gaming,” he said.

Colin added:

“We’re excited to witness more communities benefiting from our transformative network. Ultimately, Fibrus is looking to do broadband right by bridging the digital divide, empowering communities with improved connectivity, fostering growth, prosperity and digital inclusion.”

Michelle Gildernew, MP for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, expressed her support for the expanded broadband coverage.

“The availability of Fibrus Full Fibre broadband in the wider Moy area and other rural communities in Northern Ireland will significantly enhance the lives of local residents and businesses, providing them with secure and reliable internet connections. I’m constantly hearing about the transformational impact it is having on constituents,” she said.

Tom Elliott MLA also acknowledged the positive impact of Fibrus’ expansion.

“Access to affordable, high-quality broadband is crucial for families and businesses in rural areas. The Fibrus Full Fibre rollout has already made a difference in Fermanagh and South Tyrone, and I’m pleased to see it reaching even more rural communities,” he said.

Deborah Erskine MLA emphasised the economic benefits of improved connectivity, noting how it had already had a positive impact across the constituency.

““Local businesses can now connect and operate more efficiently, while individuals have the opportunity to work from home. I eagerly anticipate further rollouts to additional communities across Fermanagh and South Tyrone.”

Photo caption:

Welcoming the news that gigabit capable broadband services are now available to the Moy are (Back L-R): Tom Elliott MLA; Colin Hutchinson, Chief Financial Officer at Fibrus; Stephen McCartney, Fibre Ambassador and Michelle Gildernew MP (Front) Elaine Macauley, Fibre Ambassador; Deborah Erskine MLA.

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