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Cameron Cars now on equal playing ground for competition due to full fibre broadband

“The installations team had a real ‘get it done’ attitude, and I now have the technology to compete with car dealers in the mainland.” - Jason Cameron

Cameron Cars NI Ltd is a car dealership on the outskirts of Ballymoney, established in 2013 and owned by Jason Cameron. They sell and deliver vehicles throughout the UK and provide vehicle servicing.

This business began as a home based dealership and has grown into the business it is today with the purchase of a new showroom in 2020. With the new full fibre broadband connection the showroom now also operates as a base for social media content creation and digital marketing.

James had heard of Hyperfast NI and Project Stratum before, when connecting his home to full fibre broadband, he then checked if the business was connectable too. As soon as the network became available at his showroom, he explored the Hyperfast NI website and selected Fibrus as his retail service provider.

To operate a showroom from a rural area, connecting to the full fibre broadband network through Hyperfast NI was the only solution to meeting their business requirements. The premises was at first a bare shell building with an old copper connection, and he was patiently waiting for full fibre to become available. The availability of the Hyperfast NI network has allowed him to continue developing the business without delay.

Having full fibre installed, James is able to do a lot more with social media to market the business. He can now upload large photo and video files regularly and the showroom now functions as his base for social media content creation and digital marketing of our vehicles and services.

Now he has the technology in place to compete with car dealers in the mainland. James says “I no longer feel that I am losing out on potential sales because of poor connectivity and digital technology . Previously, poor internet connectivity meant that in comparison to our competitors with good broadband I felt I was bidding higher online to secure cars, whereas now there is a more equal playing ground for competition between businesses in NI and across the water.”

“We were sold the perfect service for us and everything has gone smoothly, we have never had any issues with our full fibre broadband package. Everyone involved was helpful, with any problems resolved quickly. Installation at the business all went well, everything happened with great speed and efficiency. The installations team had a real ‘get it done’ attitude. The contractors were great and I would highly recommend as this was miles better than any experience with our former providers.”


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