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Full fibre broadband opens a world of new opportunities for rural business Gill Hall

“Having a connection in such a rural location has taken us out of the stone age and it has opened up a whole lot of opportunities for everybody.”

James Porter, owner of Gill Hall Estate in Dromore, County Down, recently had Hyperfast NI gigabit capable full fibre broadband installed on his farm. James explained that he never expected to have the opportunity to access full fibre broadband across his estate because he lives in such a remote location. The addition of full fibre gigabit capable broadband from Hyperfast NI, supported with funding from Department for Economy, Department Agriculture Environment and Rural Affairs, UK Government along with commercial funding from Fibrus Networks Ltd, has been hugely beneficial for households and businesses in the local rural area as well as the estate. While Gill Hall Estate was not one of the premises Hyperfast NI were contracted under Project Stratum to be able to offer a connection to, using the Fibrus Self Fund Build product a connection to local Hyperfast NI network infrastructure that was delivered under Project Stratum was possible. Given its rural location James never expected to have the opportunity to access full fibre broadband across his estate.

Gill Hall Estate hosted the 2023 World Sheepdog Trials that required reliable fast internet connectivity for the organisers, exhibitors and spectators. Even more importantly, as the Trials were being streamed to a worldwide pay to view audience, the importance of getting a connection to a full fibre gigabit capable network quickly and on time for the event was vital to its success and the reputation of Gill Hall Estate in being able to host a world class event.

Hyperfast NI played a crucial role in making the event a success by getting the Estate connected to be able to livestream the World Sheepdog Trials. From initial contact with the Hyperfast NI Stakeholder and Self Fund Build Teams in August, within 4 weeks the Estate was connected, the Hyperfast NI Installs Team then supported the Gill Hall Estate IT Contractor to provide broadband coverage across the vast site for event organisers, exhibitors and spectators. From placement of the order the installation was completed within a week, the Hyperfast NI Teams delivered on time as agreed.

Gill Hall Estate is renowned for its breeding and raising of rare Angus Horn cattle. Connection to the Hyperfast NI full fibre broadband connection has opened new possibilities for Gill Hall Estate including an online sale live from the farm. This is just the beginning for Gill Hall Estate, with its vision for “The Ultimate Country Estate and Farm Experience” and a venue for weddings, private and corporate events there are plans to expand its network connection to cover the entirety of the estate.

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